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Struggling to  weight loss often appears to be disappointing in one way or another. Even after following strict diets and exercise patterns, something appears to be just not working right. Especially when there is a holiday season, weight loss appears even more difficult to achieve. Things get worse when there are family and friends who are always ready to criticize you on how ugly you look along with that excessive weight on. If you are upset about all the disappointment you have actually been facing regardless of your struggle to shed those pounds once and for all, then you must be suffering from a poorly programmed mind.

fat loss success for women

If you struggle continuously and still see no result, then somewhere deep inside your mind, you are occupied along with the believed that a change in your dieting pattern or lifestyle might be too painful to adopt.  Your brain is tuned to think that sacrificing food for any reason will take away your pleasure of living freely. Such a poorly programmed brain will lead your focus back to your old eating habits and lifestyle.

This is the main reason why losing weight through a diet plan does not make permanent changes to your lifestyle. You soon go back to your eating and sometimes overeating habits and gain weight again. Your brain is desperate to put you back into the state that you have actually demanded subconsciously.

Your mind can work amazingly towards any goal you chase. The trick is to reprogram your mind and make it believe that you must achieve your goal so that it helps you achieve your goal and let you lose weight easily. So to give it a start, maintain a weight track journal. Right on the first page, note your measurements, current weight and your goal. Also, mention the date till which you wish to achieve that goal by.

Next, search for reasons why you must change your lifestyle and eating habits. Is it a particular dress you wish to fit in or is it that you want your friends and family to appreciate how you look? Write down anything you think will add to your motivation.

Always remember, change does not really come into effect until and unless you make a decision to break the habits that have actually been making you reluctant till now.

fat loss success for women