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Manifesting Money and Success in 2015


I really hate to say this, but The Law of Attraction doesn’t work for most people.


I’m not saying it doesn’t work at all, it totally DOES work and my life has been forever changed for the better thanks to applying it in my life. However there are a lot of misconceptions about HOW it works and HOW to make it work for YOU, and as a result, most people who try it end up failing to reap the life-changing benefits that they should be receiving.


Perhaps you’ve already tried a bit of visualization, after watching the movie “The Secret”, maybe you’ve even made up a vision board, or tried affirmations, or other things to manifest money, weight loss, your ideal love life and more.


All these things do work, but you have to know the real reasons why they work, and how to make them work for YOU.


For some of you, you will have already achieved some success or no success with these methods, others reading this won’t even know what I’m talking about and that’s totally fine too.


Whether you’re new to the Law of Attraction or have dabbled with it before, I trust that this short report, ‘The Manifestation Primer’, will help to change your life for the better.


I believe strongly that this is going to be one of the better reports you’ll ever read on this subject because I know FIRST HAND what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the law of attraction, thanks to many different things that I’ve manifested in my life thanks to how I’ve applied it.


Even though I come from a broken family and used to struggle with self esteem


issues and depression, I’ve changed my life completely… I’ve made more money

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than I ever dreamed I would, I have the love of my life, a great family, and am fit, healthy and happy, and this primer will give you a great insight as to how I went about changing my whole destiny, right from the inside out.


For starters, one thing you need to know about the Law of Attraction is that it is NOT a shortcut. BUT when you apply it correctly, it’ll absolutely allow you to create whatever destiny you want for yourself… Money, a great career, passion in your love life, a house, car, children, weight loss success, whatever it may be that’s important to you.


So, what do I mean by it’s not a shortcut?


Well, before getting into how the Law of Attraction works, imagine that you used the Law of Attraction to get your golf handicap to zero (club pro level).


If you’re starting from a handicap of 36 and then you do a lot of visualization work, you aren’t suddenly going to turn up at the golf course and find yourself getting par or under par on all your shots.


That’s not how it works.


But what will happen, if you apply the Law of Attraction correctly, is that you’ll suddenly find yourself presented with the opportunities that will help to get you there. You’ll be put on the golden path so to speak.


Other elements of the Law of Attraction will help you to control your mind so that you have laser focus on aspects of your technique and concentration that you need to become a better golfer, so that you can rewire your brain to think like a top level player.


The Law of Attraction by itself really is a simple concept and really should be expanded out to encompass overall mindset reprogramming.


It’s not JUST the universe which will allow you to manifest and create your dream life… It’s YOUR MIND that and more precisely, your subconscious mind, that is what needs to be reshaped to make all the magic happen.


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Think about it…


Every skill that you have, whether it be the ability to speak English, the ability to walk in a straight line, the ability to read and write, pretty much everything…


…It’s all made possible because you ingrained that skillset upon your subconscious mind.


Even the habits we keep are mostly done on a subconscious level (walking over to the fridge to see what’s there, even if you’re not hungry, etc).


And you know what else is lurking deep down in your subconscious?


All your beliefs how the world works, what other people think of you and your own beliefs about yourself and what you are capable of.


Your subconscious is your friend and it’s your enemy. You can’t just change things in there overnight like you can with your conscious mind. So most people just accept it as that’s the way it is.


The first step in attaining REAL POWER in your life is to realize that you CAN change all those self-limiting beliefs that are lurking inside your subconscious.


You can absolutely SHATTER that invisible glass ceiling that you have when it comes to making money, success, learning new things, losing weight, becoming great at sports, making friends, finding love, and so forth.


Unfortunately, most people, right since childhood, had ALL their beliefs about themselves shaped by other people – by their peers, by their parents, by their teachers, and others. And sometimes, while people are often trying to protect us, sometimes these beliefs are very limiting ones that have been imprinted upon our lives, and as a result – upon our lives.


Imagine how your life would have been different if more care had been given to nourishing and encouraging you and your self belief right throughout your life?


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Imagine if you believed that you are the kind of person who finds it easy to make money? Or that you are the kind of person who finds it easy to lose weight? Or that you’re good at everything you set your mind to? Or that other people LOVE being around you and it’s easy to make friends?


I hope you see what I’m getting at here.


There are 2 essential components to making the Law of Attraction work wonders for you.


  1. Know exactly what you want, write it down, and find ways to keep it at the forefront of your mind and heart (visualization, vision boards, a poster on the board with a list, etc). Put it out there so the universe knows what you want.


  1. Empower your mind, choose your subconscious beliefs, shatter your inner glass ceiling and reprogram your destiny.


Oh and if I were to say a 3rd component, I’d say stay disciplined in spending at least 10 minutes every day of your life doing steps 1 and 2. There are many different exercises that we’ll get to in this short report in order to achieve those things, but a really simple way of doing it, would be like this…


  1. Spend 5 minutes every day visualizing your dream life, or at least one of your dreams.


  1. Spend 5 minutes every day for 60 days at a time saying an empowering affirmation out loud (after 60 days, choose a new affirmation).


We’ll get on to affirmations later on, but examples include:



“I love doing my inner work every day and am enjoying my incredible life journey”


“Every day in every way I’m getting better, better and better” “I’m the kind of person who finds it easy to make money”


“I’m really enjoying my diet and I’m shedding pounds every day”


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Basically with the affirmations you just choose 1 belief you’d like to change and then you say it out loud over and over again for 5 straight minutes. And then you do this every day for 60 days in a row. It’s like dropping a drop of die into a bucket of water every day, sooner or later the bucket will turn red. Same thing with your mind, sooner or later you’ll take on the new belief, it’ll happen without you even realizing it.


Sometimes you need to go for 90 days if it’s a particularly ingrained self-limiting belief that you need to replace, but this works absolute wonders. You’ve spent your whole life getting programmed by society, isn’t it time you chose for yourself what thoughts and beliefs go into your mind?


Are you ready to manifest your dream life?


In this report, I’m going to reveal four amazing key points to you and each one holds the power to reshape your destiny.


Together, and when you use all four of them cohesively, they have the power to change your life.


You’ll learn how to develop a greater sense of yourself, and acquire a whole new level of happiness, joy and abundance just by learning a new thought process.


Are you negative thoughts taking over your life?


If your subconscious has taken the driver’s seat of your mind lately, get ready to switch gears and gain the control back.


In other words, when you learn how to think positively – and it doesn’t stop there


– you’ll learn how to program your mind to give you anything in life that you want, through a conscious and mindful mindset (with intention, gratitude and self-love), enabling you to become a magnet for the Universe to send you more of that good stuff you just don’t want to live another second without.


You’ll learn how to focus on yourself, your goals and your intentions for each and every day, and as a result, the Universe will act as a mirror for your thoughts –


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giving you more happiness, love and opportunity (and sometimes, even immediately after you program yourself to believe it!)


Have you ever noticed that when you wake up on the ‘wrong side of the bed’, everything during your day (from the people you encounter to the interactions that occur) seem to get worse and worse, as if a black cloud is floating over you and causing gloom to follow you everywhere you go?


It’s not in your head.


It actually comes from your head – your mind, and most specifically, your negative thoughts which are as real as anything else in your life.


Thoughts are real things, and if you want to increase your happiness, success, joy and the flow of money into your life, get into the ‘flow’ by finding it inside yourself first.


This report will show you how to set your mind up for those good thoughts that bring you joy, bring you abundance and bring you the life you’ve always wanted – but have struggled with achieving.


Now, struggle no more.


Learn how to see your current reality as something you control, instead of feeling controlled by it. Learn how to set goals realistically, and with ‘attraction tools’ in which you will act as a vessel for all the abundance you can handle!


Have you ever thought about the possibility that everything you need in life, and everything you want to experience is already within you?


Learn how to effectively stop going outwards to find peace, love, success, opportunity and desire. Everything you need is within you already, and the tools to help you get there are all in this guide.


Sit back, read each word carefully and enjoy the ride! This is only the beginning of your abundant, amazing, and beautiful adventure – and it’s all for you so that


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your life, your happiness and your success can go from imagination to reality…in four easily attainable steps!


Step One – Inner World Vs. Outer World


There’s an expression that goes like this: It’s not the journey, but the destination that counts. So what are you doing about yours?


If it’s been a while since you’ve enjoyed each moment for what it is, and you’ve spent your time thinking about the past, or worrying about the future, it’s time to turn the negative self-talk off, and focus on living your life to your highest potential.


You may wonder just how you can do that, especially if worry and stress seem to dominate your thought process the majority of the time.


Let’s say for example that you work in a job you don’t love but that pays the bills.


You receive a paycheck every two weeks, and while you earn a steady paycheck, you’re jealous of anyone else who seems to pay their bills, and also make enough for lavish vacations, a loving family and a fancy sports car.


You want what they have.


The only problem is, you’re spending so much time thinking about what your job lacks and comparing yourself to others who are more successful than you, that you constantly set yourself back.


By focusing on what you ‘lack’, you ignore those opportunities that are right in front of you.


And in the process, you’re eliminating your happiness that could be – right in this very moment.


As a result of negative thinking, you don’t see the ability for you to use your potential with the many opportunities that are right in front of you!


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You won’t live your highest purpose, focus on the things that truly give you joy in this life.


If you don’t have the right thoughts lined up in your mind to focus on, you’ll never land that ‘right’ job, or have the ‘right’ paycheck that you’ve dreamt of having.


Why not start really living in the moment now, so that you have the future you dream of having?


When you start focusing on yourself (your inner self) and stop focusing on those external materialistic things you want to have (the outer world), everything will begin to change.


It doesn’t matter if its money, love or good health that you want.


When you think of yourself as connected to the Universe instead of just feeling like you’re one of millions of people simply living in it, your perspective shifts.


When you begin to realize that you ‘attract’ not what you want, but what


you are (which is a collection of your thoughts), you can empower yourself with the realization that you never have to look outwards for the answer again.




Because all along, you have it within you.


Here’s how the law of attraction works…