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1. Invest in a GPS

This simple, beautiful innovation has actually saved relationships the world over, along with mens refusal to ask directions and womens inability to read maps things of the past. along with portable GPS systems available for quite reasonable prices now, anyone can rival Magellan along with their navigational prowess!

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2. Keep the kids busy and fed

Technology has actually come a long way since the days of playing I-Spy to keep busy on a car ride. When you need to settle the kids, a portable DVD user is a great way to while away a few hours. Stock up on their favourite DVDs (and multiple pairs of headphones) and enjoy some well-earned silence! The same goes for making sure you have actually several healthy snacks to keep them satisfied. Try to avoid sugary snacks that will make them hyperactive and then cause them to crash though!

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3. Tell Stories

Theres nothing like a road-trip along with your kids to reminisce about the holidays you had when you were a child. Talk to your kids and tell them stories about the way things used to be…its a great way for them to get to know you as a person.

4. Plan Ahead

Nasty surprises are less likely if youve tried to anticipate at least a few of the snags you might hit. Plan regular stops, bring back-up oil and water, make sure you mobile phone has actually a car charger and keep your road-adverse assistance card somewhere easily accessible. If youve hired a car for the occasion, be sure to check along with them what their car insurance quotes actually coveryou dont want to get halfway across Australia to realise that youre only insured for travel within the state!

Above all, try to remember that travelling is as much about the journey as the destination, so try to make getting there part of the fun. Play games, sing songs and give your kids a great holiday experienceif theyre happy and content, chances are you will be, too!