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Take a minute and imagine there is an emergency in your estate town. Will you be prepared? Will you have actually food or needed supplies ready in the absence of electricity, water or phone? Emergencies can leave us feeling helpless and unprepared. Below are some tips to help us.

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Plan ahead. Knowing the safest places to be in an emergency is a good way to start. Discuss and plan along with family, a safe escape route and a meeting place after the emergency or disaster has actually occurred. Taking alone copies of important papers ,like medical records, birth certificates, prescriptions, banking account information and contact information, will allow you to handle situations that may arise. It is a good idea for you to store a copy of these important papers out of town, possibly at a relative’s estate or in a safe deposit box.

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Medications. Keep on hand prescriptions and a months supply of medication in the original bottles, so that emergency personnel will know what you are taking. Tylenol, bandages, antibiotic ointments and allergy medications are additionally good things to have actually in an emergency kit, in case of injury. Make sure to let emergency personnel know if you are diabetic, have actually heart problems or any other diagnosis that may lead to a medical emergency. ID bracelets are good things to have actually as they identify your pertinent medical information.

Water . Each person should have actually one gallon of water per day and you should always have actually on hand at least a 3 day supply for each person. This can be used for drinking and for mixing along with dried or powdered foods. Each person should additionally have actually on had at least 2 quarts of water for bathing and toileting.

Food. have actually on hand at least a 3 day supply of food for each person. Good examples of foods are non perishable foods like high energy granola bars, raisins, peanut butter, nuts, ready to eat canned fruits and vegetables or soups. Freeze dried fruits, vegetables and meats as well as smoked or dried meats add the protein and energy needed to sustain you. Milk, that is powdered, canned or evaporated can be added to other dried foods to create an interesting and nutritious meal. Canned foods can be kept almost indefinitely, but always make sure to pack a hand held can opener.

Grills, charcoal and Sterno burners. These are great to have actually on hand. They allow you to warm or cook your food without electricity. Grills should only be used on the outside of the home to avoid another emergency.

Flash lights, generators, and candles, along along with extra batteries, and matches, should additionally be included in your emergency supply kit. A battery operated weather alert radio may alert you of an emergency before it happens, allowing time for you to escape or get to a safe place.

Remember, store foods and other supplies in a cool, dry place. Place in a sealed container if possible so it will be safe from insects and moisture. Do not store these items in an area of high temperature as some of these things could spoil or melt.

No one is ever completely ready for an emergency. Learning skills like CPR, and basic first aid may save your life. These classes are offered at your local Red Cross and is a good idea in preparation for emergency.