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The coffee capsules are very practical and have excellent quality; because they are stored at appropriate temperatures they maintain their high quality. The aroma and taste are exquisite. Another feature that makes the capsules an espresso practical and delicious is that they have the same quality as a normal espresso coffee, but with an advanced system that makes it simpler and cheaper.



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The process of preparing the capsules an espresso is well advanced;the goal is to offer the best quality in flavor and aroma. In order to have the full experience of a delicious coffee the aroma plays a very important role,not only do you enjoy more drinking coffee but even the coffee experts before taste the coffee, they feel the aroma to check the quality.

Thanks to technology is now possible to have from decaffeinated capsules to more exotic blends like Risotto coffee that is a blend of Latin and strong Arabic coffee which is quite intense, a very strong flavor. Another example is coffee lingo which tastes bitter.

Among other benefits of the an espresso capsules, the coffee compress-dosed and it has always the same dose. Pressing in the coffee is always correct, as coffee is protected from light and moisture, it is achieved that each one of the capsules has the same quality and the same aroma.


The way to prepare is fast and simple; first you take one of the capsules and place the small bag inside the espresso capsule, once inside it’s placed in the machine and in less than a minute coffee will be ready with foam and all that is characteristic in an espresso.


An espresso capsules can only be prepared in an espresso coffee machines which you can find in central areas of big cities, prestige shopping streets. Or you can buy them online.