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As a coffee lover I am always keen to learn more things about coffee, and ultimately find the best coffee in the world. So, if you have been off the store bought coffee for a while you will appreciate the understanding of real coffee.



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Beans that are hand produced from 80 coffee making countries around the world. There are coffee farms in these countries, where entire communities are dedicated to making the best beans in the world.

Two Main Coffee Types
Real coffee lovers will know the two main organic and superior beans. They are the Arabica bean and the Robusta bean. The Arabica bean has a rich flavour and full body. This bean can only be cultivated by hand. This is why speciality coffee is more expensive than mass produced store coffee. The second main one is the Robusta bean is used to blend in with other speciality beans as the flavour is not as rich. This bean is yielded in quite large amounts.

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The Grinding Process
The most important part of making your own coffee at home is the actual grinding process. You can buy mini grinders from most stores that work perfectly well. Depending on the type of coffee you want to make, you will have to grind for longer or shorter periods. A fine grind can make espressos and a medium grind can be used for drip coffee makers. Once grinding is complete you should brew it immediately.

The Brewing Process
Making coffee can be a science for some people. Getting the right amount of granules in the grinder is just step one. The hardest part for speciality coffee shops or normal at home coffee connoisseurs’ is the brewing process. Coffee lovers will know that the oilier the bean is the more flavour it releases. When brewing coffee at home make sure to keep your equipment clean at all times, this will prevents terrible smells seeping into your perfect cup of coffee. The water should be at a perfect temperature, never too hot or too cold. The general temperature used is 200 degree. One very important tip is too never boil your grinded beans, and make sure to stir the cup of coffee immediately after it has brewed.

Barista Tools
Every coffee lover should invest in a few barista tools in order to make their coffee extra special. The first tool to invest in is the dosing tool; this is the perfect way to get precise measurements, you can then also use the tool to flatten the granules before going into the machine. Apparently, this tool can give coffee that extra special sweet taste. Secondly, coffee is just not the same without the perfect foam. Therefore, the next two tools are a stainless steel milk jug and a milk thermometer; these two items guarantee the perfect temperature.

Just like organic food, you get organic coffee. You can find organic coffee in health food stores, supermarkets or speciality coffee shops.